Apple ‘failing To Guard Chinese Factory Workers’

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“It reveals that the public sector is ripe for being a pioneer of shorter working weeks – and lessons can be realized for other governments.” Many of them moved from a forty hour week to a 35 or 36 hour week, researchers from UK think tank Autonomy and the Association for Sustainable Democracy in Iceland mentioned. In Iceland, the trials run by Reykjavík City Council and the national government ultimately included greater than 2,500 staff, which quantities to about 1% of Iceland’s working inhabitants. Apple says it is a complicated state of affairs on Bangka with tens of thousands of miners promoting tin through many middle men. “At the smelter there’s everything from both massive and small scale mines. It’s all combined. There’s no way to know what is authorized and what’s unlawful.” Panorama tracked down a gang who acquire tin from the realm where Rianto was working.

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But Panorama’s undercover reporters discovered that these requirements were routinely breached on the manufacturing facility ground. The poor conditions in Chinese factories were highlighted in 2010 when 14 workers killed themselves at Apple’s biggest supplier, Foxconn.

Trials of a 4-day week in Iceland have been an “overwhelming success” and led to many employees moving to shorter hours, researchers have mentioned. The trials, in which staff were paid the identical amount for shorter hours, took place between 2015 and 2019. Following the suicides, Apple published a set of requirements spelling out how manufacturing unit employees must be treated. It also moved some of its production work to Pegatron’s factories on the outskirts of Shanghai. Overtime is meant to be voluntary, however none of the reporters had been offered any selection. In addition to the excessive hours, one reporter had to attend unpaid meetings earlier than and after work.

bbc news business

One undercover reporter, working in a manufacturing facility making elements for Apple computer systems, needed to work 18 days in a row regardless of repeated requests for a day off. Exhausted staff were filmed falling asleep on their 12-hour shifts on the Pegatron factories on the outskirts of Shanghai. Poor remedy of employees in Chinese factories which make Apple merchandise has been found by an undercover BBC Panorama investigation.